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Testimonial – Rosemary Swanson

It has been over a year since Lori redesigned our living room,

and it still makes me smile whenever I enter it. Before Lori worked her magic, it was a room we merely walked through in because it felt like an office waiting room. With our only sofa in the family room, the living room was dominated by a collection of leather chairs and a bookcase overflowing with reading material. Lori used our existing furniture, added a few colorful accessories, and turned it into a warm and inviting grouping that we now use every day. The star of the room is the bookcase, which she helped us pare down and rearrange so that our much loved book collection is now both beautiful to look at and enjoyable to use. Lori also took the time to work my husband’s personality into the room by featuring items important to him, and he often comments on how much he enjoys it, and this from a man who is definitely not interested in fabric swatches or throw pillows! Lori is high energy, fun to work with, and has a great eye. I recommend Lori as someone who can help you achieve the William Morris maxim “Have nothing your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

AUG 20, 2013
Rosemary Swanson

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