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Testimonial – Joan Bonnamy

I was standing in the middle of my mom’s living room literally turning in circles.

I had sold her house quickly -yeah! – but now I had three weeks to clear it out and, I kid you not, she hadn’t thrown anything away since 1960!
It was a house full of memories, furniture, hundreds of collectibles, art work, multiple sets of dishes, flatware, glassware, etc., etc. And did I mention the basement? So full, you could barely make your way from one end to the other. What was I going to do with all this STUFF? LORI TO THE RESCUE! Lori came over to help me out, and after one look at my bewildered face, she took charge. “We’ll start in the basement” she said. “We’ll start at the far end and make separate piles – to keep, throw away, recycle, give to charity, sell.” Now this was a plan! I was sifting and sorting like a madwoman when Lori said “whoa…let me take a closer look at those books you’re recycling…this one’s a first edition…and this one is very collectible.” After all was said and done, Lori did quite a bit of research for me and found valuable art work, books, collectibles and dishes that I would have most certainly thrown away. And the end of my story? My mom’s house was emptied and ready for the buyer within the thee weeks, my sanity was still in tact, and I was able to close the door and walk away with only fond memories. Thank you Lori for making that possible.

FEB 21, 2014
Joan Bonnamy

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