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Clutter Counselor

As a “clutter counselor”, Lori Belha helps her clients with making decisions relative to their accumulated “clutter” and what to do with it, while helping them remain comfortable with the choices they make regarding their personal belongings. With a great deal of care, she has developed a 4 step system to assist her clients in objectively evaluating their belongings. With her assistance, clients determine what items are to be kept, what items can be sold on consignment or auctioned, and what items could be donated. Focusing on serving the Greater DuPage county area including Warrenville, Wheaton, West Chicago, Lombard, Lisle, Downers Grove, Winfield, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn and other surrounding towns west of Chicago Illinois, the Clutter Counselor is determined to serve its clients while helping serve her community.

Why the Clutter Counselor?

By Choosing The Clutter Counselor to help you, your donations will be delivered to a faith based non-for-profit organization to be sold with the profits helping local families or individuals in need. You will receive a tax deduction for these items. Your furniture will also be picked up and taken to the same organization for you. If you have items that qualify for consignment, they will also be picked up and delivered to the organization. You will receive 70% of the sale price. If sold on Ebay, you will receive 50% of the sale price. The Clutter Counselor’s services are unique in that your donations from downsizing will help very needy people in the local community. Every $.25 you donate helps provide food and services for local families and individuals. The Clutter Counselor receives no money from the donations but will provide transport for the items. You will also receive a higher percentage from your sale than offered at other local resale, second-hand and antique stores. Your furniture is also picked up at no cost to you. You may need Clutter Counselor services if you are downsizing to a smaller home/condo, moving to another location, helping a loved one move from a home to assisted living or full health care or just needing to get of clutter! By using Clutter Counselor services, you help others and protect our landfills. For more information, email

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