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Testimonial – Peggy Hmelyar

The service that Lori Belha provides is one-of-a-kind!

I have never found another resource like her company. She truly does it all and does it perfectly.
Recently my sister passed away and my family was left with the task of totally emptying her condo and then selling it. Needless to say it was a very sad and overwhelming job. I remember vividly entering her condo and not knowing how or where to start the process. We had so many decisions to make regarding all of her possessions and how to best remove them. Then on the recommendation of a friend, I called Lori and she came to my rescue!
I must say that Lori’s 4 part process is so organized and made the task at hand very manageable. As a family we made the decisions regarding my sister’s keepsakes and valuables. We choose what we would keep and what Lori would sell via the consignment shop or on eBay. Then we donated what was reusable and disposed of what was left. When it was time to pack the donations, Lori and an assistant arrived at the condo and helped us pack, label, and organize everything that was being donated. She did this for what I considered to be a very reasonable fee and in a very timely manner. We were done with the whole process in a matter of a few hours. Then a truck, with very professional movers, came to remove the large pieces of furniture, free of charge! It was all part of the donation process. Most importantly, Lori was very sensitive throughout the entire process. She knew this was a difficult time for my family and knew exactly how to handle everything in a kind yet efficient way. Also, I was so happy that my sisters possessions were donated to benefit local families in need. So, I would recommend Lori Belha, the Clutter Counselor, for any of the services she provides. She is the consummate professional and will do a terrific job. She is simply the best!”

SEPT 4, 2014
Peggy Hmelyar

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